Generating and Exploring Good Building Layouts
Fan Bao, Dong-Ming Yan, Niloy J. Mitra and Peter Wonka


Good building layouts are required to conform to regulatory guidelines, while meeting certain quality measures. While different methods can sample the space of such good layouts, there exists little support for a user to understand and systematically explore the samples. Starting from a discrete set of good layouts, we analytically characterize the local shape space of good layouts around each initial layout, compactly encode these spaces, and link them to support transitions across the different local spaces. We represent such transitions in the form of a portal graph. The user can then use the portal graph, along with the family of local shape spaces, to globally and locally explore the space of good building layouts. We use our framework on a variety of different test scenarios to showcase an intuitive design, navigation, and exploration interface.

System Pipeline:


User Interface:









We are grateful to Lars Hesselgren for insightful comments and to the anonymous reviewers for their constructive comments. The work was partially supported by a KAUST visiting scholarship, National Science Foundation, National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 61271431 and 61172104), and a Marie Curie Career Integration Grant. We thank Yoshihiro Kobayashi and Christopher Grasso for their help with the renderings, and Charlotte Rakhit for video voiceover.


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