iWIRES: An Analyze-and-Edit Approach to Shape Manipulation
Ran Gal, Olga Sorkine, Niloy J. Mitra, Daniel Cohen-Or


Man-made objects are largely dominated by a few typical features that carry special characteristics and engineered meanings. State-of-the-art deformation tools fall short at preserving such characteristic features and global structure. We introduce iWires, a novel approach based on the argument that man-made models can be distilled using a few special 1D wires and their mutual relations. We hypothesize that maintaining the properties of such a small number of wires allows preserving the defining characteristics of the entire object. We introduce an analyze-and-edit approach, where prior to editing, we perform a light-weight analysis of the input shape to extract a descriptive set of wires. Analyzing the individual and mutual properties of the wires, and augmenting them with geometric attributes makes them intelligent and ready to be manipulated. Editing the object by modifying the intelligent wires leads to a powerful editing framework that retains the original design intent and object characteristics. We show numerous results of manipulation of man-made shapes using our editing technique.

Result video:


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