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The VECG group investigates fundamentals and applications that enrich human experience of digital content. Our signature approach is to combine a solid theoretical basis with craftsmanship and a deep understanding of human perception. Our group's research spans capture, modelling and display of a multisensory world, and involves hardware, algorithms and human-centred approaches.

Core to much of our work is building rich and expressive environments that can be experience by users. These might be scans of real scenes, or completely hypothesised scenes built from examples. Thus we are very interested in processes for effectively modelling only those phenomena that are useful for human perception. This encompasses real-time capture and display of the types necessary for augmented reality in dynamic scenes, and offline capture of complex scenes so that they can be analysed and distilled to create models that can be elaborated for scene creation.

The VECG group has a reputation of taking fundamental insights in algorithms and systems and turning them into prototypes that are evaluated by users. On our research page you can find links to the different teams. Each of our teams has a different strategy for impact through open source code, access to prototypes and interdisciplinary work in application domains.