Interactive Facades: Analysis and Synthesis of Semi-Regular Facades
Sawsan AlHalawani, Yong-Liang Yang, Han Liu, Niloy J. Mitra
Eurographics 2013


Urban facades regularly contain interesting variations due to allowed deformations of repeated elements (e.g., windows in different open or close positions) posing challenges to state-of-the-art facade analysis algorithms. We propose a semi-automatic framework to recover both repetition patterns of the elements and their individual deformation parameters to produce a factored facade representation. Such a representation enables a range of applications including interactive facade images, improved multi-view stereo reconstruction, facade-level change detection, and novel image editing possibilities.



We thank the anonymous reviewers for their useful suggestions, Suhib Alsisan for initial discussion on the topic and Charlotte Rakhit for video voiceover. Sawsan sincerely thanks Duygu Ceylan for her many good suggestions and constant encouragement. The work was partially supported by the Marie Curie Career Integration Grant 303541.


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